The Journey Begins

Whenever they rebuild an old building, they must first of all destroy the old one.

Jalal Ad-Din Ar-Rumi

I was tired of being pulled in different directions. I was looking for a way to express myself. I wasn’t free to fly, as if I was trapped in a cage of social norms. The bars were defined by strict ways of what is good and what is not.

I decided to leave my country and experience something new. I would never experience life the same way after rebuilding mine from scratch. One who is rebuilding will pay closer attention to details, appreciate life more and sense it with respect. It feels like being born again.

To be reborn, you have to die first.

Lucien Carr

I became more delicate to outcomes and invested more energy in protecting the things I had, as I had worked so hard to gain them. Living in another country was a lifetime opportunity that few could have had. Some thought I was a hopeless dreamer. Some thought I was fortunate to go abroad. I remember them all, including the ones who said I didn’t deserve it. The only thing that’s important to me now is going through my life feeling peaceful. Nothing else matters.

Tbilisi, Georgia 2016

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